‘I gave birth on the toilet and had to pull out my own placenta I’d do it again’


When it comes to pregnancy and giving birth, everyone has their own ideas of what they want. Some people want as much medical help and support available, while others want as little intervention as possible. There’s no right or wrong way to have a baby.

One mum, however, has left people equally surprised and impressed with just how independently she gave birth to her son, Fern, without any help at all.

Alice Llani ( @aliceandfern ) has gained an impressive following on TikTok, thanks to sharing details of her vegan and holistic lifestyle and approach to motherhood.

In her most recent clip, the mum revealed how she, not only gave birth alone on her toilet, but she even had to pull her own placenta out afterwards.

“When people argue with me but don’t realise I freebirthed my son myself on my toilet, resuscitated him myself, reached my entire hand inside to pull out my placenta, then bf (breastfed) him for 16 months,” she wrote alongside the clip.

In another clip, Alice went into more detail where she explained that she actually spent 31 hours in labour in her bathtub, before eventually giving birth on the toilet.

When pressed as to why she hadn’t opted for a hospital birth like the majority of first time mums, she said: “If you manage to push a baby out laying down without breaking your tailbone/tearing good for you but I’m not going to risk it.”

She continued: “Things moved really fast when I was pushing baby Fern out. The labour dragged on for 31 hours but the pushing was fast. I’d been watching free births non-stop so when he came out my focus wasn’t, ‘Ah, I have a baby’, it was checking up on him, because I was the ‘doctor.’

“So I was looking for his colour and his colour was so good, but he didn’t breathe immediately.”

After Fern was born, Alice was really sleepy and was frightened she was going to fall asleep with her placenta still inside, so after trying all the natural methods to bring it out, she ended up reaching up inside and pull it out herself.

It’s certainly not for everyone but you have to give her amazing kudos for being so brave and doing such an amazing job.