‘My mum’s a nursery school teacher I love to judge the kids’ names’


Your name is often the first piece of information someone learns about you, which is why it’s so important as a parent you pick a good one.

But one woman couldn’t help but laugh when her mum, a teacher, reeled off the names of the children in her class.

Shay went viral on TikTok after she posted a video reacting to names like Bram and Richard.

Posting on her account, @shayymonet, she said: “Another school year, another batch of names to judge.”

The first name, Bram, didn’t get much of a reaction from Shay.

“Bram?” she said, to which her mum confirmed: “Yes Bram. Bram with a B. Bram.”

“Bram. Got it,” Shay replied.

Then there was Emmett, Atticus, and Jordan, all of which got very little reaction.

But when her mum says that one of the children in this year’s class is called Richard, she burst out laughing.

“RICHARD! He’s four?” she exclaimed, to which her mum confirms with a “yes.”

Her mum continues reading out the names: Annabelle, Adele, Alina and then Ryan, which gets a laugh but she can’t explain why.

Then there’s Everleigh, which her mum says is spelt like “Ever-lay” and Shay says, “Oh, like L-E-I-G-H…L-M-N-O-P?”

She laughs again at the end as she recalls there are kids called Bram and Richard.

Since being posted, the video, which has been viewed more than 2.4 million times, has attracted more than 454,000 likes and 4,400 comments from people who shared their thoughts on the names.

One person said: “‘Richard? He’s 4?!’ No babe he’s a 45-year-old father who came back for good measure.”

Another wrote: “Bram is a very common name in the Netherlands! Does sound funny when you pronounce it in English though hahaha.”

A third commented: “I used to think Annabelle was a cute name but the doll movie ruined that for me.”

Someone else said: “Why is Richard so funny? I thought the other ones were more ridiculous.”

Others shared other unique names they had heard before, like Barnaby.

One person revealed: “At my kid’s school, there’s a three-year-old called Barnaby. Who looks at a bay and thinks yes Barnby?”

“My mum once had a girl in her class called STRAWBERRY,” added another.